What Are Some Prayers for a Good Harvest?


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Prayers for a good harvest include the Catholic "Blessing of the Harvest" and "Prayer of Farmers." Similarly, "Good Harvest" is a prayer that thanks God for providing food for all creation in the universe.

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In "Blessing of the Harvest," the speaker states that God made heaven and earth. The speaker prays that God draw near to those hearing the prayer. The speaker goes on to state that it is God that brings abundance to men on earth. In the prayer, the speaker notes that God's benevolence brings food from richness in the soil.

During the Catholic "Blessing of the Harvest," the speaker offers God glory for bringing His people fruits from the fields. She then asks God to bless the harvest. She prays for God's continued protection and that everyone who receives God's bounties responds happily and with appreciation. Finally, the speaker asks that God help congregants use things that do not last forever, such as crops, for the good of efforts and goals that last eternally.

In "Prayer of Farmers," the speaker praises God as the source of abundance in the universe. The speaker thanks God for help in planting crops. She asks God to grant her strength to continue to work to the best of her ability.

Similarly, in "Good Harvest," the speaker credits God for providing food as people need it to sustain life. She says that if people obey God, He pours out His harvest for the benefit of the obedient. In the prayer, the speaker praises God for providing needed rain to grow crops. She asks God to protect the crops from pests and other things that destroy crops. The speaker thanks God for realizing impossibilities and she praises God for listening to her prayer.

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