What Are Some Prayers for Courage and Strength?


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Believers sometimes recite Psalm 23, Psalm 27 and Psalm 31 as prayers for courage and strength. Catholics can recite the prayers and novena of Saint Joan of Arc to seek strength and courage during difficult times.

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The prayer to Saint Joan of Arc, composed by Andrea Oefinger, asks the saint to grant believers fortitude, strength, courage and to help them be fearless. A prayer written by the Bishop of Orleans in 1939 asks the saint to help leaders and soldiers as they prepare for the battle ahead. In the traditional Joan of Arc novena prayer, believers ask Jesus for strength to do God's will. They ask the saint to intercede for them that they may find strength and courage to endure in their constant fight.

The 23rd Psalm encourages the believer to trust in God for strength and comfort. In verse four, David states that though he walks through the valley of the shadow of death, he fears no evil for he knows God is with him. In Psalm 27, David proclaims: "The Lord is the strength of my life, whom shall I fear?" Throughout the chapter, David asks for strength to fight his enemies. Believers can recite these chapters when praying for courage and strength.

In Psalm 31, David prays to God for strength and courage and declares that the Lord is his strength and his fortress. In verses nine and 10, he talks of his anguish and proclaims that his strength fails him. In the last verse, he says that all those who trust in the Lord should be of good courage, for He shall strengthen their hearts.

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