What Is a Prayer for Someone Who Is Dying?

A prayer for someone who is dying is "Prayer for Acceptance of Death" and "Prayers for the Dying - A Prayer." Another prayer for someone who is dying is "Prayer of Commendation," and the prayer tells the departing soul to leave the world.

"Prayer for Acceptance of Death" tells God that the dying person accepts whatever kind of death God wants to give the person, even if the death is soon. The person asks God for the forgiveness of sins. The prayer also includes a request for God's protection for the other people that also die on the same day. The ending of the prayer asks for the glory of God.

Similarly, "Prayers for the Dying - A Prayer" says that people are sad because another person is about to die. The prayer asks God to take the hand of the dying person and guide all of the people involved through the person's death. Jesus died and rose from the dead, the prayer says, and people find grace in the presence of God. Those offering the prayer ask God to take fear away from those involved and to offer comfort in God's love and God's power over death. The prayer ends by affirming God's power and praying in Jesus' name for God's loving and guiding presence.

"Prayer of Commendation" tells the dying person to go from the earth and live in peace. The prayer wishes that the dying person find a home with God and among the angels. The prayer tells the dying person that Jesus suffered and that God's Holy Spirit poured out upon the person.