What Is Power-Floated Concrete?

A power-floated concrete floor is one that is finished using a power trowel to level and harden the floor’s surface. Power floating is generally done on large concrete surfaces that are expected to see heavy usage, such as office building floors or retail space.

The power trowel used to create power-floated concrete is a mechanical device consisting of spinning blades at its base, which are caged in for safety. The power trowel can be a pushed model that the worker walks behind or a riding model capable of covering more floor area in a shorter span of time.

To create a power-floated floor, the concrete is allowed to dry enough that it can be walked on without causing an imprint more than 1/8-inch deep. After drying, any excess water is removed from the concrete using a rubber hose dragged across the surface. The power trowel is then used with a set of metal float blades to level out the concrete, removing any hills or valleys from its surface. After flattening the concrete, the blades are changed to a set of finish blades, which are then run across the concrete surface to seal it and give it a matte or glossy finish. The more times the finish blade is passed over the concrete, the glossier the finish will be.