How Is It Possible to Look up a DEA Number?


Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, numbers are not accessible to the public. However, other current DEA registrants may look up physicians and pharmacists to verify DEA numbers on the DEA’s Diversion Control Program website.

A DEA number is issued to a medical professional who has the authority to prescribe controlled substances. Institutions like hospitals also have DEA numbers. These numbers are issued by the Diversion Control Program of the DEA. The program maintains a database of these numbers and tracks prescriptions issued by pharmacists and physicians to prevent illicit substances from being diverted.

To obtain a DEA number, a medical professional can apply online at the Diversion Control Program’s website or by contacting a DEA regional field office. There are often additional requirements imposed by local jurisdictions, such as state licensing boards.

For example, a regulatory board may require that the person applying for registration be properly registered, licensed or certified as a nurse, pharmacist or doctor as applicable, and be in compliance with local prescribing laws and regulations. Additionally, licensing boards may charge a fee to screen the applicant for this purpose. Depending on the jurisdiction, an applicant can expect to get his or her registration number in 10 to 14 business days.