What Are Possible Causes of Right Side Groin Pain in Women?

Possible causes of right side groin pain in women include arthritis, hip fractures, tendinitis and bursitis, according to Everyday Health. Hernia, gynecological and back issues may also be responsible for right side groin pain in women.

Arthritis is the wear-and-tear form of pain that affects most people as they grow old, explains Everyday Health. The resulting stiffness and swelling in the joint cause pain in the groin or thigh. Hip fractures are most common in elderly women, particularly those with osteoporosis or decreased bone density. This causes a woman to experience pain when she tries to stand upright or lift something. In addition, overuse of the numerous tendons around the hip, which connect the muscle and the joint, leads to their inflammation.

Pain from tendinitis condition is common in athletes, while hernia pain is common in pregnant women, due to the extra pressure on the abdomen wall, reports Everyday Health. Also referred to as sports hernias, the condition causes frontal hip pain in women.

Gynecological issues such as endometriosis, which refers to a condition where the uterus lining grows somewhere else, may also cause groin pain in women, explains Everyday Health. The specific cause of right side groin pain in women may be determined by age and health status.