What Are Positive and Negative Reviews for Fuzion Tires?

Reza Estakhrian/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The positive reviews for Fuzion tires include quality design method, long durability, effective rounder overall tire shape, impressing directional trend pattern design and an effective Rim Guard. The negative reviews for Fuzion tires include poor gas mileage, being noisy and uneven tread wear.

A majority of reviews for Fuzion tires are positive, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well. Several reviewers stated that the tires are built with a high-quality design that enables them to last longer. Other reviewers stated that Fuzion tires are less costly and are fitted with a rounder overall tire shape, which provides better balance when driving in both wet and dry land.

Some reviewers stated that Fuzion tires provide excellent traction and handling on road-sides. According to most reviewers, the directional tread pattern design provides resistance to loss of traction and sliding when driving on wet road surfaces. Other reviewers mentioned that Fuzion tires uses technology that offers resistance when driving ion winter, thus enabling them to enjoy their ride. Several reviewers mentioned that the Rim Guard has a raised rubber ridge which protects wheels from curb damage.

Several reviewers complained that the tire failed to hold pressure during high speed driving and this resulted to poor gas mileage. Other reviewers mentioned that Fuzion tires are noisy and they require routine tire rotation which is tiresome. Additionally, they complained of improper inflation pressure caused by uneven tread wear after using the tire for some few months. One reviewer complained that the tires do not offer ice traction during summer.