What Are Some Positive Effects of Modern Technology?

Modern technology has an extremely positive effect on communication, explains OpposingViews.com. The advancement of communication is important in many different regards, such as politics, business, science, social activism and personal relationships.

Communication spans a broad number of subjects and impacts people in many ways. Communication does not simply mean one person talking to another; instead, the concept relates to how ideas are passed between people, locations and cultures. The Internet and expedited travel have allowed books, products and other forms of tangible thought to be accessed by billions of people. What started with the printing press has been improved with the modern physical and digital print industry. More people than ever have access to the printed word and the ideas, concepts and challenges which accompany them. The vast reach of language has led to a more educated populace, which has led to further advances in technology and commerce. Since there are more educated people, there is more competition in the business world. This has forced innovation in every sector, and innovation usually leads to a better quality of life for the consumer. Additionally, modern technology has allowed more people to be involved in the way the world is run. More access to information has led to improvements in social rights, humanitarian aid and oversight. People are more equipped to organize and get their message to the masses. This improved communication also allows people to feel more connected, helping to establish empathy, tolerance and overall better relationships between people of diverse backgrounds.