What Are Some Positive Daily Thoughts?


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One positive daily thought is that everyone is entitled to happiness, and the individual is going to embrace happiness as his default state of being. Another positive daily thought is the individual is able to feel both contentment and joy in the present moment rather than focusing on having felt this way in the past or feeling it in the future.

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A positive thought centered around love is that the individual both admires and respects his romantic partner, and he can see the best in this person rather than dwelling on any negative qualities. A similar positive thought is that the individual loves his partner for exactly who the partner is, and he appreciates the unique qualities of his partner.

Positive thoughts regarding success include the individual expecting to be very successful in everything he attempts and believing that being successful is natural for him. Another positive thought in this vein is that both setbacks and mistakes can be viewed positively as bridges to future success because they provide the individual something from which to learn.

A positive thought regarding personal confidence is for the individual to imagine that he breathes confidence in and breathes timidity out. Another confident personal thought is that the individual loves and embraces change and is able to easily adapt to new and unexpected situations.

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