What Are Some of the Most Popular YouTube “Gunsmoke” Episodes?

One of the most popular “Gunsmoke” episodes on YouTube is season one, episode 16, which has more than 9,000 views on the “Reel Cowboy” channel as of 2015. Titled “Reward for Matt,” the episode involves a woman who offers a reward for the killing of main character Matt Dillon. Another of the most popular episodes is “Cholera,” which was the 14th episode of season two.

The “Cholera” episode has more than 8,000 views. In it, a cholera outbreak aids a landowner’s efforts to kick homesteaders off his land. Close behind that episode in terms of popularity is “Clara,” the 36th episode of season one. It involves the in-town appearance of one of Dillon’s former love interests.

Also popular on YouTube is “General Parsley Smith,” the 11th first-season episode. It tells the story of the people of Dodge deciding whether to trust a known liar when he warns them that a new banker is out to bilk them of their savings. In addition, many “Gunsmoke” fans on YouTube have tuned into an episode from the third season titled “Claustrophobia.” The 20th episode of the season, it involves unraveling the mystery of a man found shot in the back inside his cabin.