What Are Some Popular Styles of Church Signs?


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Popular styles of church signs include masonry-style signs, LED signs, banners and letter-changing signs. Churches place signs both inside and outside the church and popular church signs contain different messages that include the name of the church, service times, advertisements for church programs and inspirational religious messages.

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Masonry-style church signs are durable and their acrylic finish resists weathering. These classic church signs usually contain the name and denomination of the church. Similarly, identification signs permanently display the name of the church. This style of sign is both free-standing and wall-mounted. These signs resist graffiti and are purposefully constructed for long-term, outdoor use. Like identification signs, signature signs carry only the logo of the church and permanent messages.

LED-style signs allow the church to display a permanent name of the church while church leaders electronically change the message on the LED display as often as they wish. Churches utilizing architectural-style signs simply add permanent, individual lettering to their church building, often with a logo or a denomination designation.

Another popular style of church sign is the changeable-letter sign. This style of sign allows the church to put messages on the sign using interchangeable letters that the user places individually, by hand. Many of these signs come with vandal covers to prevent tampering. Changeable-letter style church signs come in a variety of styles. Some signs maximize space for writing messages, while others keep a low profile by standing close to the ground and by sharing horizontal space with a logo.

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