What Are Some Popular Sermons by Dr. David Jeremiah?


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Some popular sermons by Dr. David Jeremiah are: “Positive Thinking and Stress,” “End time Signs and Last Days Lukewarm Church,” “Spiritual Warfare, Praying Always with All prayer,” “The Day of Panic,” “Spiritual Warfare, Identifying the Enemy," and “Christ Is All You Need”. These messages can be watched on YouTube.

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Dr. David Jeremiah demonstrates how a Christian can overcome and live a fulfilled life with the sermon, “Positive Thinking and Stress”. “Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World,” teaches Christians how they can rise above obstacles in the world, and live fulfilled lives under the precepts of Christianity. He uses “End Time Signs and last day Lukewarm Church” to show the signs of the last days enshrined in the Bible, showing how and where these rules have been fulfilled and what is left.” He uses the sermon, “Spiritual Warfare, Praying with All Prayer,” to teach Christians how they can pray when faced with spiritual warfare.

Dr. David Jeremiah’s sermon, “The Day of Panic,” is a classical story about the day of rapture, when Jesus will take away believers and leave those who have not believed in Him. The sermon circulates around the events that will transpire after the rapture. He uses the sermon, “Spiritual Warfare, Identifying the Enemy,” to teach Christians how they can identify the foe in spiritual battles. Dr. David Jeremiah uses “Christ Is All You Need” to show the importance of Jesus Christ and the necessity of trusting in Him.

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