What Are Some Popular Recordings of Complete Quran Recitations?


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Some popular Quran recitations include Abdul Rahman Al Sudais', Mishary Rashid Alafasy's and Saad El Ghamidi's Quran readings on Assabile.com. Quran readings are categorized by reciter and are some of the most downloaded recordings.

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Four of the top five recitations at Assabile.com were recorded by these three individuals. Abdul Rahman Al Sudais is known for his emotional readings. He is the speaker in the first and third most listened to recitations on Assabile.com.

Mishary Rashid Alafasy has the fifth most popular reading on Assabile.com and specializes in the ten readings and translation of the Quran. Saad El Ghamidi, who is also a religious singer, is known for his soulful readings of the Quran. All three of these reciters' most popular readings are done in chant.

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