What Are Some Popular Navajo Blanket Designs?


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The most popular Navajo blanket design is the Chief blanket. These types of blankets come in four phases, with variations within the phases accounting for the differences found in the pattern of each blanket. The first phase is woven in indigo, white, and brown horizontal stripes. The second phase has twelve boxes or rectangles woven above a first phase pattern. The third phase contains diamond and cross formations, while the fourth phase primarily consists of a diamond pattern.

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Many different weaving patterns and styles developed from the original Chief designs, with different areas on the Navajo reservation developing and trading their own unique rug patterns.

Some of the different designs for Navajo rugs include the storm pattern, two grey hills, teec nos pos, ganado red and wide ruins, in addition to the chinle, crystal and yei patterns. Each of these rug styles originates from a specific part of the Navajo reservation. The differences between the rugs range from differences in color and pattern style to differences in the weaving technique used to create the rug. The storm pattern, for example, is easily recognized due to the four rectangles located in each of its corners. These rectangles represent the four sacred mountains in Navajo culture.

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