What Are Some Popular Morning Prayers?


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Popular morning prayers include those that convey gratefulness and may begin with: "Dear Lord, thank you so much for another day of life on Earth." Other morning prayers may ask for strength during particularly difficult or trying times and begin: "Dear Lord, I pray that you give me strength to be strong for You in the world today."

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To begin praying, the individual should choose a place she can regularly visit for prayers, such as a comfortable and quiet location away from distractions and obligations. Keeping the place relatively small, clean and free of technology makes for more enjoyable and personal prayer sessions. In addition to praying at the same place every day, the individual should pray at a specific time every day if it is possible. Keeping a pen and paper handy throughout the day makes it easier to plan prayers in advance. Writing down one's thoughts over the course of the day results in a choice of themes for the next morning's prayers.

The individual can change her prayer routine based on how she feels and what she prioritize in her life. While many prayers are designed to ask for assistance, some prayers also should reflect gratitude and praise.

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