What Are Some Popular Lowery Organ Models?

Popular Lowrey organ models include the Inspire EY400, the Liberty LE 6500 and the Marquee EX5000, which are among its virtual orchestra models. The EZP3, Lowrey’s easy piano model, has 88 keys, piano, electronic piano and organ functions, and four sounds, including strings and choir, harpsichord and mallets, and clavichord and guitar. Among its worship organs are the Prelude and the Tribute, which include 72 and 96 fully orchestrated styles, respectively.

The EZ8 offers organ, piano, guitar, string and brass sounds, and it features eight music styles. The Marquee EX5000 has 352 fully-orchestrated styles and 352 all-organ style variations. One of Lowrey’s popular entry-level organs is the SE5 Conductor. It has two 37-note keyboards and 13 bass pedals plus rhythm features, color-coded chord lights and an orchestral section. Among the most popular of Lowrey’s vintage organs are the MX-1, which features Orchestration Plus, a new technology at the time, and the Celebration Model C-500, which Lowrey has retired. Lowrey introduced these models in 1979 and 1980 when it was the most popular organ company in the United States.

Purchased by Kawai in 1988, Lowrey operates out of La Grange Park, Illinois and specializes in home organs for recreational, non-performance music making, according to the company’s website.