What Are Some Popular Christian Prayers for the Christmas Holiday?

"A Prayer of Thanks" by Max Lucado, "A Prayer for Christmas Morning" by Robert Louis Stevenson and "The Nativity Prayer" by Saint Augustine are all examples of popular Christmas prayers. These common prayers are examples of prayers rejoicing the birth of Jesus.

Lucado's prayer gives thanks to God for sending Jesus as a baby. The prayer thanks God for Christ's resurrection and states that death is defeated. It is a short prayer that also asks for guidance in dark times and the courage to serve God.

"A Prayer for Christmas Morning" is a longer prayer celebrating the return of Christmas day. The prayer asks for help remembering the birth of Jesus, closing the door on hate, and living in kindness and gratitude. The prayer asks for delivery from evil and that the day brings thoughts of gratitude and forgiveness.

Saint Augustine's "Nativity Prayer" is 1,500 years old and a common Catholic prayer. The prayer focuses on rejoicing that Jesus Christ is born. The prayer directs the sick, the captives, the enslaved and the free to all rejoice, for their savior is born.