Which Popular Celebrities Wear Dentures?

Popular celebrities who wear dentures include Crissy Rock and Clark Gable. Celebrities Joan Crawford and Marlene Dietrich also wore dentures, and famous celebrities wear artificial teeth for a combination of medical and cosmetic reasons.

Comedian Crissy Rock began wearing dentures when cancer destroyed her teeth. Rock said that she enjoyed smiling, so the dentures allowed her to smile with confidence. She reported paying more than 20,000 British pounds for high-quality dental implants. Rock’s chemotherapy treatments successfully treated her cancer. Although Rock did not lose her hair from the treatments, the chemotherapy destroyed her natural teeth.

Prior to permanent dental implants, Rock wore dentures. She complained that the dentures shifted around in her mouth and often fell out of her mouth, including while trying to film scenes for her work.

Clark Gable wore nearly a full set of dentures by the time he was 32 years old. Serious health problems at a young age led to numerous teeth extractions and eventually hospitalizations. Gable’s dental problems even resulted in production delays and led to work reassignments. Co-stars often complained about Gable’s bad breath.

Marlene Dietrich had several molars removed in order to appear more attractive for her career in Hollywood. Joan Crawford also purposefully had teeth extracted in order to make her face look slim. After cosmetic dental work, Crawford suffered pain and discomfort that led to swollen gums and lips. Crawford underwent major dental surgery that left her needing constant medical care.