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One popular story about a Catholic saint concerns St. Lucy. She was a Christian martyr and is often depicted holding a palm frond, the symbol of martyrdom. Sometimes, she also holds a platter that holds her eyeballs.

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St. Lucy is the name given to a woman who lived in ancient Syracuse and who died in the early part of the 4th century. She was determined to devote her life to Jesus Christ, but her family wished to marry her off to a pagan. Lucy resisted this. After asking St. Agatha to intercede for her, the departed saint came to her in a dream and told her how to heal her mother of an illness.

Lucy's mother was healed of her illness, and the two women decided to give what would have been Lucy's dowry to the poor. But Lucy's betrothed was angry and pleaded his case to the governor, Paschasius. Paschasius sentenced Lucy to be taken to a brothel and defiled, but the men who came to take her away found her miraculously immovable. They then tried to burn her at the stake, but the wood wouldn't catch fire. Finally, they simply ran her through with their swords.

In another telling, Lucy warned Paschasius that he would be punished for persecuting her, and he ordered her eyes gouged out. In yet another story, Lucy plucked her own eyes out to dissuade a suitor. This is why she is shown with her eyes on a plate, and why she is the patron saint of the blind.

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