What Are Some Popular Blessings for Children?


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Some blessings for children include the blessing, "The Lord lift up His countenance upon you," from the Bible, and Jewish blessings for boys and girls, where the person performing the blessing wishes for the children to be more like biblical figures. For boys, the speaker blesses the child to be more like Ephraim and Menashe. For girls, the blessing is for the child to be like Leah, Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel.

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A blessing is a type of special prayer that believers perform in a variety of religions designed to gift the receiver with good luck or some other positive effect related to a religious rite. Believers may bless other people in informal ceremonies or acts, or they may bless themselves, such as the action of tracing a cross onto themselves. Members of the clergy perform many blessings and other formal prayers, whether for entire congregations in a worship service or for individual receivers in personal and private sessions.

Christians organize blessings into two categories: constitutive and invocative. In constitutive blessings, the blesser invokes a permanent sanctification in a person or object to allow the receiver to fulfill some type of divine purpose. In invocative blessings, the blesser implores God's favor to create some type of good in the receiver without changing conditions.

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