What Are Some Popular Biblical Boys' Names?


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Some biblical boys' names that remain popular as of 2015 include Aaron, Moses, Joshua, Joseph and Philip. Other common biblical boy names include Adam, Peter, Paul, James, John and Elijah.

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Many boy names have their origins in the Bible. Paul, Peter, James, John and Jude come from the names of some of the authors of the New Testament books. Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Amos, Zechariah and Micah derive from the prophets of biblical times. Other biblical prophet names include Isaiah, Ezra, Habakkuk and Hosea. Baby boys may also be named after the iconic Israel kings, including Saul, David and Solomon.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his 12 sons served as the patriarchs of Israel, and their names remain commonly used. Benjamin, Reuben, Levi, Gad and Naphtali originate from some of the founding fathers of Israel, while Michael and Gabriel represent angels of the biblical times. Immanuel, which means "God with us," is a common biblical boy name sometimes used to refer to Jesus Christ.

Mark, Luke, Mathew and Timothy are common boy names featured in books in the New Testament of the Bible. Gideon, Stephen, Simon, Naaman, Philemon and Job are other boy names representing well-known people from various eras depicted in the Bible.

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