What Is Political Turmoil?

Political turmoil is a term often used to describe a state of extreme unrest, unease or agitation, in relation to a government or other policy-making body. In particular, countries with complicated or conflicted histories are often said to have had periods of political turmoil.

In September of 2014, the extreme protests in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, were said to have created political turmoil. These mass protests led to a lack of focus on foreign policy and reinforced the image of Pakistan being an unstable democracy, according to the Voice of America publication. Similarly, in November of 2014, the United States government released a press release on its concern about the political turmoil in Somalia. In this case, the political turmoil was due to a potential vote of “no confidence” for their Prime Minister, as well as general inability for any of the party’s leaders to work together in positive manner that would benefit their country.