What Is the Poem "90th Birthday" by Ronald S. Thomas About?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 31, 2020 10:51:11 AM ET

The poem "90th Birthday" by Ronald S. Thomas describes the impressions formed by an individual who visits an old woman in a relatively secluded area. The scene unfolds in an elevated spot high above the sea and tree line.

According to PoemHunter.net, religion was often a major theme of Thomas' work, but he also wrote about nature and Welsh history. In the case of "90th Birthday," there are references to lichen-covered rocks, clusters of ferns, insects, trickling streams and a trail that might accommodate a car but is best covered on foot.

Upon reaching a stone farm at the top of the incline, the narrator finds an old woman awaiting the visitor's arrival. References to her knowing a place that exists only in her memory and of listening to words that were once wise imply the woman is no longer as mentally competent as she used to be.