How Do You Plug Computer Speakers Into a Dell?

You can plug computer speakers into a Dell by inserting the speaker plugs into the ports on the sound card. Though Dell laptops come with built-in speakers, you need external speakers to hear sound from a Dell desktop unless it comes with a built-in monitor speaker.

  1. Find the desktop sound card

    Look at the back of your Dell desktop tower. Depending on the model, the sound card may rest at the top or the bottom of the tower. Check to see whether the sound card has a green port or several multicolored ports. Sound cards vary, so check with your desktop manual if you have trouble identifying the ports.

  2. Check the speaker plugs

    If the speaker system has a green plug with a male end, insert it into the green port on the sound card. To install a surround sound system with a sub-woofer, the sound card must support that feature. Check for multicolored ports on the computer and matching colored plugs on the sound system. Insert each plug into its respective colored port.

  3. Set up the speakers

    Install any drivers or software that comes with the speakers. Next, set up the speakers around your computer. For the speaker marked with the letter “L,” set it to the left side of your monitor. Continue setting up the speakers according to the appropriate position.