How Do You Play “Skittles”?

Although there are different rules and numerous variations of skittles, the most common version played in England is West Country skittles. The game requires nine wooden skittles, a skittles alley, and a ball made of wood, resin or rubber.

  1. Determine how to score the game

    The game is scored based on how many skittles are knocked over, with each skittle representing one point. Each player plays one leg, which consists of three rolls. In some areas, it is common for teams of two to play; the team with the highest score after each team has played five legs wins. For single-player teams, it is common for the first player to reach 101 points to be declared the winner.

  2. Arrange the skittles

    Nine skittles are arranged in a square shape at the end of the alley. The sides of the square should be diagonal to the alley’s edges. The standard size for the square is 28 inches from the middle of the front skittle to the middle of the one in back.

  3. Roll the ball

    Each player rolls the ball the entire length of the alley, attempting to knock down the skittles. Throwing the ball is not permitted. If all of the skittles are knocked over in the first or second turn, all of the skittles are reset. This is known as a sticker, which allows for a maximum of 27 points per turn.