How Do the Planets Affect Each Zodiac Sign?

planets-affect-zodiac-sign Credit: BSIP/UIG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

In astrology, planets do not necessarily have a different effect on each individual zodiac sign, and while each zodiac sign is said to be closely associated with a specific planet, the effects the planets have seem to be universal. For example, the sun is said to rule one's core self, Mercury is supposed to have a powerful impact on intellect and communication, Venus may influence happiness and matters of the heart, and Jupiter is reported to be the ruler of success and personal development. The planets' influence on specific zodiac signs depends on where the planet is on the zodiac; some of these celestial bodies orbit more quickly than others, meaning different planets will come into play more often than others during one's lifetime.

The astrological view of the solar system is divided to allow each of the 12 astrological signs to have an equal slice of the orbit area. Different planets will move in and out of these areas as they orbit the sun, and it is this movement that allows each planet to exert its powers over an individual astrological sign. Each sign is associated most closely with one of the 10 astrological significant celestial objects: the sun is paired with Leo, Mars with Aries, Jupiter with Sagittarius, Mercury with Gemini and Virgo, Uranus with Aquarius, earth's moon with Cancer, Venus with Libra and Taurus, Saturn with Capricorn, Neptune with Pisces and Pluto with Scorpio.