What Are Some Places on Earth That Have Been Called the Gates of Hell?


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The Ploutonion at Hierapolis and Fengdu, China are examples of places considered to be entryways into the underwolrd in mythology. Other places, such as The Seven Gates of Hell in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania and the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua have entered popular culture more recently as portals to hell. The "newest" entryway into hell is the perpetually burning mine pit of Derweze, Turkmenistan, a natural gas fire resulting from a Soviet drilling accident in 1971.

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In Greek mythology, the ancient city of Hierapolis was considered to be a sacred place for Pluto, the god of the dead. It is home to toxic gases emitting from the ground, which are also the cause of nearby hot springs. This site was rediscovered in 1965, and is located in present-day Turkey.

For over 2,000 years, the Fengdu Ghost City has been thought to be a stopping point for the dead on their way to the afterlife. It is presently home to a complex of Buddhist and Taoist temples, which are said to be occupied by immortal spirits who judge and torment the deceased.

Hellam Township in Pennsylvania is host to a local legend claiming that a set of gates appear at night near the site of an asylum that was consumed in a tragic fire. However, the myth lacks substance, as there are no records that the mythologized location was ever home to an asylum. Regardless, this has not stopped curious visitors from trespassing into the property.

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