Who Was a Pioneer of Social Activism?

Who Was a Pioneer of Social Activism?

A well-known pioneer in social activism was Jane Addams. She was born on September 6, 1860 in the city of Cedarville, Illinois.

Jane Addams was a leader in the area of social work. She is considered to be an important reformer during the Progressive Era. She led the way in the social issues of America, encouraging women to be involved in their communities and to help improve the places where they live.

She was the co-founder of the Hull House in 1889. The Hull House residents did neighborhood investigations on garbage collection, poor housing, truancy and cocaine use. The house also offered a girl's gym, library, music school, a lunchroom, drama club and other services that the community could utilize.

Addams was a strong supporter of children and believed that play and recreational areas were necessary to promote healthy growth among the young. She was also a leader in the women's suffrage movement. She became the first sanitary inspector in Chicago, and within the first year, she helped to resolve over 1,000 city health violations.

Jane Addams was the first woman in America to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. She is also credited with being the founder of social work.