How Do You Pick Your Lucky Numbers?

Lucky numbers should be chosen based on personal significance. Frequently, lucky numbers are based on dates, such as wedding anniversaries or the date of one's own birth. Some cultures hold certain numbers to be particularly lucky, such as the number 8 being considered lucky in China.

"Lucky numbers" are numbers believed to bring better-than-normal fortune when used in lotteries or other games of chance. Because of the uncertain nature of luck, there is no definite formula for creating lucky numbers. The practice of lucky number generation is often combined with other fortune-telling and prediction methodologies, such as astrology. In astrology, the date and time of one's birth relative to the position of stars in the night sky are believed to be reliable predictors of one's personality and fortune. The Lottery USA website, for example, has a lucky number generator which creates lucky numbers based on the current position of the moon and stars.

The Chinese word for "eight" rhymes with the word for "wealth," and as such is held to be particularly lucky. In Western cultures, 7 is widely held to be a lucky number. In the popular book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," author Douglas Adams posited that 42 was the answer to" life, the universe and everything," making it an enduring lucky number.