What are some physical characteristics of Japanese people?


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Japanese people are characterized as having straight, black hair and dark eyes. On average, Japanese people are shorter than those of European descent and have less body and facial hair, as well as flatter faces, smaller noses and wider cheekbones.

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Fewer Japanese men lose their hair or experience greying compared to their European counterparts. On average, most Japanese men and women tend to be thinner and shorter than Westerners, which is at least partly attributed to the different diets and nutritional habits in their respective cultures. Despite this, records show that Japanese people are growing statistically taller with time.

Most Japanese are born with a Mongolian birthmark, a small patch of brown pigment located on their buttocks or lower back. This mark usually disappears when a Japanese child reaches one or two years in age. Many Japanese tend to get acne later in life than Westerners.

Japanese people native to Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands are known for having drier, stiffer hair, whereas Japanese from all other parts of the nation typically have softer, thinner hair.

Japanese are often characterized as having slightly scooped incisor teeth. They also tend to have wider eyes and slightly darker skin compared with other Northern Asians.

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