Do Photographs of the Aliens From Roswell Exist?

UFO researcher Tom Carey claims to possess authentic photographs of an alien body that was supposedly uncovered from the alleged 1947 UFO crash known as the Roswell Incident. He unveiled these photos at the Be Aware event in Mexico City on May 5, 2015. Although there are many skeptics, the UFO specialists who attended the event claim that the photographs are authentic and that a five-year study was conducted to prove it.

Carey's photographs of the supposed Roswell Incident alien show a small, clay-like humanoid creature with a large head, who is lying in a clear case. The creature appears to be partially dissected. These photographs were reportedly discovered in a box in the attic of a house in Arizona. They were taken on Kodachrome film by a geologist named Bernard Ray in 1947, the year of the Roswell Incident. At the time, Ray worked on the Air Force Base near Roswell. Carey claims that the official historian of Kodak has verified that the film Ray used to take these photographs is precisely from 1947.

Those who are skeptical of Carey's photographs typically claim that the supposed alien in them is actually the mummified corpse of a child. They argue that the case the supposed alien is lying in is merely a display case from an exhibit.