What Phobia Is the Fear of Getting Lost While Driving?

There is not a specific phobia for the fear of getting lost while driving and all phobias related to driving are lumped together as a situational phobia simply known as “driving phobia” reports Psychology Today. This phobia known as “driving phobia” involves all of the fears and anxieties that a person might have when driving a motor vehicle.

There are other specific phobias surrounding vehicles of all kinds, however, that may or may not include driving according to Psychology Today. A few of these specific phobias include dystychiphobia, motorphobia, tachophobia and traumatophobia. Dystchiphobia is the fear of accidents while motorphobia is the fear of automobiles. Tachophobia is the fear of speed and traumatophobia is the fear of injury.

Most people who have a driving phobia will also have other anxieties, stresses and phobias. In fact, Psychology Today reports that many people with driving phobias also have a phobia known as agoraphobia where they are worried that when they have a panic attack they will be unable to escape from their current location. Locations like vehicles, tunnels, elevators and other social events all qualify because they are places where it is difficult to leave immediately when a panic attack strikes. Driving phobias are most often treated with exposure and response prevention therapy, also called ERP therapy, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.