What Are Some Philosophy Ideas About Truth?

Philosophy ideas about truth include the idea of objective truth; a proposition that has objective truth is free from biases and feelings and is based on rational thought. Another philosophy idea relating to truth is relativism, a belief that truth is not absolute and that knowledge is based on the particular culture it is based in.

The philosophy of objective truth states that reality is independent of the mind and unrelated to the thoughts of sentient beings. The objective truth philosophy also says that there is one true answer to every question regardless of which culture asks the question. Stoicism uses the idea of objective truth and asserts that truth is determined by reasoning. Scientific truth is given the highest priority in the philosophy of objective truth due to its emphasis on logic and evidence.

Relativism states that no viewpoint or perspective has absolute truth because truth differs based on the specific location, morals, time period and society. The philosophy of relativism replaces the idea of absolute truth with many truths that are all equally valid in all cultures. The theory of relativism posits that scientific evidence is another equally valid truth, but does not place it any higher than other beliefs that lack evidence.