What Are Some Philosophy Courses You Can Take Online?

What Are Some Philosophy Courses You Can Take Online?

Learners can take introduction to philosophy, history of modern philosophy and philosophy of law online. They can also take a course on the philosophy of quantum mechanics.

Yale University offers an online course on philosophy and the science of human nature. The course discusses happiness, morality and social structures.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers various courses on political philosophy, the philosophy of language and ethics. Students can also take a course to explore problems in philosophy and study ancient philosophy. They can take a course to understand philosophy in film and other media. They can learn the philosophy of love in the western world as well as the philosophy of language. The philosophy section of the university’s department of linguistics and philosophy offers two undergraduate degrees.

At University of New Orleans, students can take introduction to logic. They can also take a course on the history of ancient and medieval philosophy. As of 2015, students also have the option of taking environmental ethics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion. The philosophy of Plato, philosophy of the natural sciences and the philosophy of Kant are also available. The university rotates many of the philosophy courses each semester.

Adams State University in Colorado offers introduction to philosophy online for three credit hours. Students can also take online courses on ethics, logic and existentialism.

Stanford University offers philosophy lectures and courses online. The self-paced versions of the classes are always open.