What Is the Philosophy of the Catholic Health System?


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The Catholic Health System runs on the philosophy of healing through faith and unconditional commitment. The healthcare organization adheres to the values of compassion, reverence, justice and excellence. It focuses on the human side of healthcare and treating every individual with respect and dignity.

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The Catholic Health System is a non-profit organization that serves Western New Yorkers. The healthcare system features a network of hospitals, rehab and therapy centers, primary care centers, blood testing laboratories and imaging centers. It also offers senior services, specialty centers, home care, and drug and addiction treatment. The organization’s mission is strongly based on Christian faith and spreading God’s healing love. The organization values empathy, kindness, inclusiveness and ethical practices.

With a Good Samaritan spirit, the staff welcomes patients, accomplices and residents with warm gestures and advocates for the poor and vulnerable. The Catholic Health System provides treatment services for digestive disorders, cancer, back pain, sleep disorders and strokes. The organization also offers emergency medicine, mental health counseling, gynecology and obstetrics, dialysis and cardiovascular services.

The massage therapists offer stress reduction, orthopedic, hot stone and deep tissue massage. The spiritual care professionals help patients and families gain insight into their spiritual welfare. The organization’s imaging centers provide ultrasounds, mammograms, computerized tomography scans and cardiac imaging.

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