How Do Pet Psychics Work?


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Pets psychics work by calming their minds before talking to an animal through a paranormal phenomenon known as telepathy, which involves communicating without physical interaction. The psychic calls the pet's name telepathically then asks the animal questions, often with telepathically sent pictures rather than words. Telepathic responses from the animal come as combinations of words and pictures. The psychic telepathically acknowledges receipt of the message from the animal.

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The psychic then shares the animal's response with the animal's owner and sometimes asks additional questions. The psychic also may send messages from the owner to the pet. Psychics try to visualize solutions when working to correct behavior in animals. Some pet psychics also telepathically observe an animal's body to find illness and then send healing energy to the animal.

Some people consider the concept of communicating telepathically with animals to be controversial. No conclusive scientific evidence exists for the type of energy psychics say they use to communicate with animals. In addition, no evidence exists that people or animals can receive or transmit such energy. Pet psychics also work from unproven assumptions about intelligence and self-awareness in animals. Nevertheless, some pet owners turn to psychics for help when a pet is lost, is sick or injured, is behaving badly or is deceased. Some pet psychics say they can talk with wild animals, but most work primarily with pets.

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