What Are Some Pet Names in Gaelic?


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Gaelic pet names include Slevin, Onchu and Latharn for males and Quashi'miuoo, Rhoswen and Vevila for females. Gaelic is a Celtic language spoken primarily in the Highland and island regions of Scotland.

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The Gaelic name Sleven means "mountaineer" and is appropriate for a dog that likes to hike. Onchu means "mighty dog," while Latharn means "fox." Other Gaelic names for male pets include Feradach, who was an ancient king in Ireland; Sullivan, which means "black eyes"; Sweeny, which means "little hero"; Galen, which means "calm"; and Guaire, which means "proud" or "noble."

Quashi'miuoo is a female Gaelic name that means "vibrant sparkle," and Roswen translates to "white rose." Vevila means "woman with a melodious voice" and is appropriate for vocal female pets. Other Gaelic names for female pets include Fainche, who was a saintly virgin in Rossary; Fedelm, an ancient Irish queen; Vicalyn, an evil enchantress in Scottish mythology; Graziella, which means "gorgeous"; and Jolana, which means "good friend."

Unisex Gaelic pet names include Madadh, or "dog"; Fatac, or "giant"; and Feasog, which means "whisker." Other unisex names include Neachdainn, which means "rejoicing in purity"; Niall, meaning "champion"; and Sealbhach, meaning "prosperous." The appearance and personality of a pet are a good basis for its name.

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