What Are the Personality Traits of a Typical Libra Woman?

personality-traits-typical-libra-woman Credit: Deidre Woollard/CC-BY 2.0

Typical Libras are talkative individuals who value fairness, beauty, culture, diplomacy and balance, states Astrology.com. They're also deep thinkers who like to spend time contemplating harmony and strategizing about the things about which they feel impassioned.

The symbol of the Libra sign is the scale of justice. This is because Libras value fairness above all things and often willingly take on the role of diplomat. As people who appreciate fairness, Libras are very adept at presenting arguments, as well as being objective when the situations requires it. They also appreciate balance within their lives.

Libras are natural empaths who find peace in getting to know others well and providing them with assistance in any way they can. Libras also avoid conflict at all cost because it disrupts harmony. They're typically cultured people who perform well in social situations, primarily because of the ease with which they hold conversations.

Because of their love of beautiful things, Libras also tend to be creative and like to pursuit artistic endeavors. Their fondness for beauty also extends to people. The ruling planet of the Libra sign is Venus. The traditionally observed dates for those born under the Libra sign are September 23rd through October 23rd.