What Are Some Personality Traits of a Leader?

What Are Some Personality Traits of a Leader?

What Are Some Personality Traits of a Leader?

Distinguishing traits of a good leader include honesty, conscientiousness, decisiveness, openness and ability to delegate. Other characteristics of a good leader include sense of humor, confidence, commitment, positive attitude and competence. Leaders are also courageous, progressive, imaginative, persuasive and practical.

An honest leader inspires through her actions and trust. She displays integrity, candor and sincerity in all her undertakings.

A practical leader is competent and bases her actions on moral principles and reason. Her decisions are not based on feelings or emotional desires. She understands that it is not possible to please everyone all the time and therefore makes decisions that serve the needs of the majority.

A good leader is progressive and has a vision of future goals. She sets a framework for achieving those goals and sets priorities based on her values.

Persuasion and communication skills allow a leader to speak effectively in public. Both written and spoken messages should be appropriate to the audience.

An inspiring leader displays confidence, commitment and a positive attitude in everything she does. Demonstrating endurance and persistence through spiritual, physical and mental stamina inspires others to achieve great heights.

An intelligent leader is broad-minded and fair-minded. She shows no prejudice, rather displays empathy and sensitivity to others' interests, values, feelings and well-being.