What Are Some Personality Traits Connected to Birth Order?

Some personality traits connected to birth order include firstborn children tend to be reliable and high achievers while middle children thrive on friendships and tend to act as peacemakers. Youngest children, who are typically outgoing, often behave in ways that seek attention from others, while only children often possess leadership qualities.

Because parents often grow more relaxed in their parenting with each child, youngest children tend to have fun-loving and straightforward characteristics. Youngest children love to gain the spotlight, and they seek to steal attention from others. They also crave spur-of-the-moment excitement, and they do not need much security, believing instead that everything works out.

By contrast, oldest children work diligently and are skilled at winning the approval of adults. Oldest children want to succeed at everything they do, and they often become known for their responsibility. Other typical personality traits connected to oldest children are caution and occasional introversion. Oldest children often become high-achieving adults.

Similarly, a personality trait connected to a middle child is the tendency to prefer socialization among peers to that of parents or siblings. Middle children can be rebellious, but they usually boast a large social circle. As children, middle-born individuals refuse their parent's commands more than other children, but they also often possess nurturing qualities.

Only children often have the personality traits of first-born children, but to an extreme degree. Because only children have the privilege and responsibility of their only-child status, they often display traits of conscientious perfectionism. While young, only children tend to exhibit self-help skills more than other children. As adults, only children want to succeed.