What Are Some Personality Traits Associated With the Cancer Zodiac Sign in Astrology?


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Cancers are tenacious, imaginative, moody, pessimistic, manipulative and insecure, among other traits. Cancers enjoy art, relaxing near water and good meals with friends. Cancer's symbol is a crab and it is a water sign. People born between June 22 and July 22 are Cancers on the zodiac chart.

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Positive traits associated with Cancers include creativeness, spontaneity, faithfulness and protectiveness. Cancers have strong imaginations but may be over-ambitious. They rely on intuition rather than reasoning when making decisions. They are faithful, generous and fiercely protective of their relationships and loved ones, and rarely expect anything in return.

Cancers' negative traits include moodiness, clinginess and suspicion. Cancers have unpredictable mood swings, which can overwhelm people in their lives. Setbacks and failures overwhelm cancers, and they have a hard time letting go of people and objects close to their hearts. They are highly unsettled and overemotional. They doubt other people's intentions and verify everything. They also complain constantly.

Cancers are very family-oriented and they are home-bodies. Their homes are sanctuaries where they recharge, and they fill their homes with objects that they love. They have a strong inclination towards creativeness and spend significant money decorating their homes. They are devoted to their children and proud of them, but they expect their children to exhibit the same good behavior and manners in private as they do in public.

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