What Are Some Personality Disorders That Are Associated With Habitual Lying?


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Psychologists associate habitual or pathological lying with seven distinct conditions, including malingering, confabulation, histrionic personality disorder and Ganser syndrome. More widely known disorders associated with habitual lying include borderline personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder and factitious disorder, formerly called Munchausen syndrome, according to Psychology Today.

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Malingerers deliberately lie as an avoidance technique or for financial compensation, states Psychology Today. Confabulation identifies people who lie to cover up or fill in memory lapses that may be caused by amnesia. Ganser syndrome is a rare condition that results in very simple, nonsensical answers to questions.

Habitual lying is a characteristic of borderline personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder in which individuals frequently lie just for personal satisfaction, notes Psychology Today. Those with histrionic personality disorder may lie to further their emotional and dramatic bids for attention. Factitious disorder occurs in individuals who seek attention by lying about symptoms of illnesses.

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