How Does a Person Find Out What Their Aura Means?


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Auras are defined by a number of different colors, with each color said to represent the frequency at which the person resonates within the color spectrum, so in order to identify what an aura means, the first step is to find out the aura coloration. Different colors have a number of different characteristics attached to them, which claim to explain personality traits, emotional sensitivity, and so on.

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Once a person's aura color has been discovered, they can then gain a deeper understanding of its meaning by finding out what each color represents in terms of characteristics specific to an individual.

  1. A violet aura means a person may have a close connection with the spirit realm, and are likely to be open-minded, innovative thinkers.
  2. People with an indigo aura are said to be psychic to varying degrees, and frequently have vivid, lucid dreams.
  3. Sky blue auras tend to be the mark of talented speakers or singers, or those with strong tendencies towards musical expression.
  4. Those people with green auras are more likely to be talented natural healers, and are often gentle, caring and considerate.
  5. Yellow auras are the mark of inspiring leaders, and tend to be people such as business owners or sports captains.
  6. A red aura is the sign of a passionate, energetic person with a lust for life, and many entertainers are thought to be in this category.
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