How Do You Permanently Get Rid of Pop-up Ads?

Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Pop-up ads in web browsers can be permanently deleted by checking for malicious software related to the ads, resetting the web browser to its original state and reversing any changes to the computer by pop-up ads. Various utility software programs can assist in removing malicious software known as “adware,” which displays constant pop-up ads.

In the Internet Explorer browser, the “Advanced” tab under “Internet Options” provides a button to reset the browser to its original state. Users should check the option to delete personal settings before hitting reset. In the Firefox browser, the option to restore to original settings is under the help menu and troubleshooting information. In the Google Chrome browser, the reset option is under advanced settings.

Pop-up ads are a type of online advertising that attempt to capture email addresses or draw traffic to websites. The ads typically open in new browser windows that are separate from the intended content. They often include animated graphics that run JavaScript, Flash and other software that can cause security problems in web browsers. The ads originated in the late 1990s. By the early 2000s, most Internet browsers except Microsoft’s Internet Explorer provided an option to block unwanted ads. Microsoft added the functionality in 2004. Modern browsers include the ability to block pop-up ads or enable them only for certain sites.