How Do You Perform a Windshield Survey?

How Do You Perform a Windshield Survey?

A windshield survey is when a driver observes the environment, usually used when inspecting communities, from the comfort of a moving vehicle. Windshield surveys are generally performed by people who are visiting new areas they are unfamiliar with.

Windshield surveys can be done by anyone with a driver's license. However, community leaders use this procedure to see the stability and condition of their respective areas. Community leaders should make the effort to complete a survey several times throughout the week to experience their neighborhood through an observer's view as opposed to a resident's view. To complete a windshield survey, use the following instructions:

  1. Choose who will complete the survey
  2. This rule applies to those with teams. Choose the best participant to complete the survey a good choice is someone with a reliable form of transportation.

  3. Choose questions to answer
  4. Figure out what questions need to be answered on the trip. If there are issues that require repair, choose questions that focus on those subjects.

  5. Choose the area
  6. Choose which part of the town the survey will take place in.

  7. Decide what time
  8. Choose the time and day the survey will take place. Make sure the time is appropriate to what the survey is being used for. For example, if the survey is for inspecting night lamps, choose a time closer to the evening.