How to You Perform Pendulum Dowsing?

How to You Perform Pendulum Dowsing?

To perform pendulum dowsing, choose an appropriate pendulum, cleanse it, and then ask questions while holding the pendulum by the string. The direction the pendulum swings indicates the answer to the question.

There is no scientific evidence that pendulum dowsing provides accurate answers to questions. However, many people claim that pendulum dowsing allows them to receive information from spirit guides or to channel their own psychic abilities.

To begin, practitioners either buy or make a pendulum that they feel personally connected to. Some use a personal object that has sentimental value, believing this gives results that are more accurate. They attach a string to the pendulum to swing it.

Clear the pendulum of residual energies before attempting to dowse, by running the pendulum under water, burying it outside overnight or concentrating on releasing any stored energy in the pendulum.

Determine the directions of answers by asking the pendulum to show which direction is yes and which is no. After deciphering the directions, ask questions while holding the string of the pendulum.

Some people use a chart underneath the pendulum to allow for several possible answers. Charts often include letters; practitioners believe the pendulum spells out answers they are seeking when allowed to swing above these charts.