How Do You Perform a Jackknife Dive?

To perform a jackknife dive (usually called a forward pike dive), jump up, bend forward from your waist and straighten your body just before you enter the water. The supplies you need to complete this five-second dive are a bathing suit, a deep swimming pool and a diving board.

  1. Make a four-step hurdle

    Take four preparatory steps down the diving board. Drive your foot down firmly on the last step, jump straight up and land on both feet. Bend your knees, and jump off of the diving board. Keep your ankles and knees together, and point your toes.

  2. Raise your hips

    As you reach the peak of the jump, bend forcefully at the waist. Raise your hips above your shoulders, and bring your chin parallel to your knees. Keep your legs straight, and press them together.

  3. Spread your arms

    Spread your arms into a “T” shape. Hold them straight out to either side, and keep your fingers together. Do not round your back or hunch your shoulders.

  4. Straighten your body

    Raise your arms so that your upper arms are next to your ears. Straighten your body into a handstand position. Point your toes, lay your right hand over your left and tuck your head.