What Percentage of Teenage Mothers Do Not Go to College or Get Good Jobs?


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Less than 2 percent of teen mothers finish college by the age of 30, and 30 percent of high school girls who drop out of school blame pregnancy and parenthood. The median income for single-mother families in 2013 was $26,000, and almost half made less than $25,000.

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More than one-third of single-mother families were below the poverty line as of the 2013 U.S. Census, with more than half of those living with incomes below half of the federal poverty level. Of the poor, single-mother families, 51.9 percent had a weekly budget of about $200 for a family of three. Food insecurity is also a problem for single-mother families, with more than one-third having problems finding meals. One-third also spent a majority of their budgets on rent or shelter, putting them within severe housing cost burden thresholds.

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