Why Do People Worship?

People worship for many reasons, including to give honor and glorification to their creators, deities or supernatural beings, according to The Interactive Bible website. The other purposes of worship are to praise, exalt and please supernatural beings or God. Others worship as a show of adoration and loyalty to venerated and revered supernatural beings.

Worship also serves as an indication of adoration, humility and submission to God and other deities. People worship different deities in different ways. However, the purposes of the different forms of worship are the same. Whether through songs of praise or through offerings, people worship to ask favors from their gods. To receive these favors, they integrate their worship sessions with songs of praise and acts and words of submission and respect. Worship is therefore an indication of the respect and admiration people have for these supernatural beings.

For instance, for Buddhists, worship is about showing respect and admiration for Buddha. To them, the image of Buddha depicts compassion, happiness, peace and love, virtues that are upheld in Buddhism and other religious teachings. These same principles are preached in almost all worship sessions across social, cultural and religious groups. Finally, people worship to show gratitude to their gods for whatever good or bad events that happened in their lives.