What Do People Wear in Mexico?

Traditional Mexican clothing, including puebla dresses and sombreros, is both flamboyant and functional, being at once brightly colored, comfortable and given to multifunctionality. In modern Mexico, dress codes at school and in the workplace are comparatively very regimented and uniform.

There are two key types of traditional poncho garments worn by Mexican women. The quechquémitl, which is generally reserved for special occasions, is made from lightweight cotton, embroidered with ornate and colorful patterning. The huipile, on the other hand, is more of an everyday garment, although no less vibrant with decorative stitching going in all directions.

Cotton puebla dresses are loose fitting and short-sleeved, and are also decorated with colorful patterns despite their everyday use.

Immediately recognizable as a Mexican icon, the sombrero is a colorful hat with a wide brim to protect the whole upper body from the rays of the sun. They are typically worn by men.

Another men's garment, the serape, is a heavy and brightly colored woolen shawl for use in colder, non-sombrero weather.

Men have also traditionally worn a light cotton shirt known as a guayabera. Decorative and usually pastel-colored, these may be worn in either formal or casual settings.

Across modern Mexico, clothing has become a symbol of status. Wealthier people will often dress according to international trends and fashions, whereas sandals, in particular, have the connotation of rural poverty and Indian heritage.